Dr. Deborah Hill, Founder and Executive of The Shielders Company

The truth is, Dr. Deborah Hill became a licensed and board-certified chiropractor in the state of California because she wanted to help people, not because she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Of course, the same can be said of most who choose to enter the medical profession. However, unlike many other highly accomplished doctors of chiropractic who have treated many patients for many types of medical conditions, Dr. Deborah Hill has always been focused on personal betterment as a way for her patients to lead a better life. Her efforts go well beyond treatment and cure. And it is that “personal betterment mission that led to her entrepreneurship.

Decades ago, in the 1980’s, as Dr. Deborah Hill was the director of the West Burbank Chiropractic Center, she developed a practice she called Myoprobe Therapy. It turns out the therapy eliminated pain and brought a full range of motion to arthritis sufferers and those who suffered pain in general. Best of all, all of that was able to be accomplished without the use of drugs and chemicals of the type that sometimes cause harm to patients. More recently, Dr. Deborah Hill worked hard over that last few years or so to develop what she calls the Shield Method, which is a way for patients to gain greater personal control, which makes them better able to lose weight, or to quit smoking or to stop any bad behavior that is detrimental to their health.

The Shield Method works so well, Dr. Deborah Hill founded The Shielders Company as a way to administer programs using that method as a centerpiece. The Shield Method teaches people to use their “super willpower” in all types of personal situations, which means they are taught to fight back against the mind’s attempts to force them to do things they know they shouldn’t, like those that are not good for them, like eating too much and not exercising enough or smoking or any other bad habit. The Shielders Company and Dr. Deborah Hill want more people to be able to exercise more control over unhealthy urges.